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3 reasons you should switch to an Artificial Lawn

Has switching to an Artificial Lawn been on your mind this summer? Whether it’s too much rain and speedy growth, or too much sun and dry patches, the UK’s turbulent weather makes keeping a perfect lawn near impossible! But there is another option in the form of Artificial Lawn, and here’s 3 reasons why Carpet Surgeon think you think should make the switch.

1) You’ll never have to maintain a lawn again!

Think of how many hours (or even days) of our lives we spend mowing, raking, watering, weeding and re-seeding the lawn! That’s not even to mention the cost of fuelling the lawn mower, buying the weed killer and all the other related equipment.

Despite all the hours you put it, it can be a never-ending mission to get the perfect lawn, and a few weeks of hot and dry weather can quickly un-do all of your hard work.

Artificial Lawns need nothing more but an occasional brush and spray to keep them looking in their best condition. You don’t need to worry about shady spots, sun damage, discolouration or forgetting to mow the lawn! The days of looking out of the window to see your garden now resembles something more of a meadow will be long gone, leaving more time for the things you really enjoy.

2) Artificial Grass stands the test of time

 When your Artificial Lawn is laid correctly, it will no doubt stand the test of time. We’re experts at artificial grass laying, so no matter what the shape or size of your garden, we can help. The process involves removing existing turf and preparing the surface underneath using hardcore, sand and a weed membrane. This ensures that there will be no ripples, gaps or visible joins, just a perfectly manicured, highly durable lawn.

3) Suitable for all of the family

Artificial Lawn is fun for all the family, whether that be members with two or four legs!

For children, you have the peace of mind that the lawn is flat, free of trip hazards and durable enough to with-stand all the rough and tumble of playtime. Switching to an Artificial Lawn means no more worn out patches by the swing, no more dry grass where the paddling pool has been and no more muddy feet walking through the freshly cleaned kitchen.

For four-legged members of the family, Artificial Lawn is durable enough for dogs and cats. Urine soaks through, it’s very easy to clean and even better, it can’t be dug up (unlike your flowers!)

Even in the midst of your busy life, you can still have the year-round award worthy lawn of your dreams.

We can help you to achieve the lawn of your dreams

The market for artificial grass is growing, and as the market has grown, so has its quality. In fact, it’s now difficult to tell the difference between real and artificial lawns, apart from artificial grass looks better with no weeds or brown patches!

To find out more about how Carpet Surgeon can provide you with a durable, high quality Artificial Lawn, get in touch  or give us a call on 01827 261782.

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