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Taking Carpet Fitting to a Whole New Level

Taking Carpet Fitting to a Whole New Level


Business start-ups aren’t easy, especially when it comes to making sure the services you purchase provide good value for money.

No business likes to waste money. So it’s important to know that you’re getting the service you’ve paid for… but it’s even better when you get more than you expected.

When the owners of new venture, Blue Water Restaurant in Tamworth stood surveying their newly acquired premises, they also weren’t expecting to get more than they were promised.

A specific vision…

Their vision for their restaurant was clear. Together with an architect and designer, a concept had been created to restyle the restaurants existing décor to create the perfect look and ambience.

As the owners stood considering their options for new flooring, it occurred to them to contact a trustworthy local team that had previously supplied and fitted carpet for them. You got it; Carpet Surgeon.

Following a call from the main shareholders for a quote, Carpet Surgeon promptly arranged a visit to the new restaurant to work through the owners’ exact requirements and vision.

… within a specific budget

The owners knew the request for their flooring requirements wouldn’t be straightforward. They were in need of a specific colour to suit the overall style and it would need to be durable enough to withstand dirty shoes, dropped food and repetitive cleaning.

Carpet Surgeon clearly love a challenge; as soon as measurements were taken they set to work sourcing the most suitable carpet and materials. Working within the specified budget a quote was supplied and the contract awarded.

The designer was impressed with Carpet Surgeon’s ability to source the right colour and quality carpet that didn’t break the bank. Of course, being experts in carpet repairs, this wasn’t a difficult task for Carpet Surgeon.

But Carpet Surgeon doesn’t just offer a basic service to businesses; they become part of the team. Working to provide solutions and reduce expenses wherever possible.

Going above and beyond

Guaranteeing the best service with flooring isn’t just about fitting carpets. It’s about problem solving.

For Blue Water Restaurant, that problem came in the form of stairs. Stairs that led to the restrooms.


This meant not only excessive wear and tear but a potential health and safety issue. However Carpet Surgeon had the answer.

Much to the delight of the owners, they expertly arranged made-to-measure specialised stair nosing that they fitted to protect the carpet. This stair nosing also provided a slip resistant material for restaurant customers and met health and safety requirements.

We found a new problem; but it will save you money

Providing a service that not only saves time but money is music to the ears of any new business venture.

This was the case for owners of Blue Water Restaurant when Carpet Surgeon informed them that they could save nearly £2000 by simply repairing the main kitchen floor instead of replacing it.

Although the kitchen safety flooring had received some damage from the previous owners, Carpet Surgeon accurately determined that the majority of it was more than adequate and would not need replacing.

Using their expert skills in repairs, Carpet Surgeon refurbished the existing kitchen floor leaving it looking as fresh as if it was newly replaced.

At that moment, Blue Water Restaurant owners knew they had made the right decision by contacting Carpet Surgeon for their flooring needs.

After all, what other carpet company would source a specific colour, fit quality products, ensure health and safety measures and make cost-saving repairs; all within budget. These services and more resulted in the customers agreeing that “the décor was top-notch.” [Source: Trip Advisor].

So if you’re running a business and understand the importance of choosing a flooring specialist that provides expert services and value for money, then why not join smart businesses like Blue Water Restaurant and Harvey Nicholls [Edinburgh] in choosing Carpet Surgeon for your specific flooring requirements.


For further evidence of Carpet Surgeon’s expert repairs and satisfied customers, just visit the Carpet Surgeon – gallery and case studies, but don’t forget to contact them to find out how their teamwork can save you more than you expected.

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