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How to maintain artificial grass

If you’re fed up of constantly mowing the lawn, dealing with patches of dead grass and keeping weeds and moss at bay, you might be considering artificial grass in Tamworth.

Artificial grass is a great way to wave goodbye to back breaking labour and say hello to luscious green lawns that are the envy of the whole street, all year round.

You don’t need to give too much thought to maintaining your artificial lawn, all it needs is a little light TLC. With a minimum amount of effort, you can keep your lawn looking great and lasting longer.

So just how do you look after your artificial grass?

Cleaning: Mostly the rain will do the work for you in this respect, but to keep your lawn looking its best, you can hose it down once a week or once a fortnight.

Brushing: You can remove dry leaves and twigs etc using a leaf blower, brush or plastic rake. Lightly brush it with a medium, soft bristle brush, which is gentle on the fibres, and brush in the opposite direction. It can help to keep any trees and bushes in the garden trimmed to reduce the amount of falling leaves.

Spillages: Once you get your artificial lawn installed, you’ll have a perfect space for entertaining, without having to worry about people traipsing mud and dirt through your house. However, that does of course bring with it a risk of spillages, whether that’s red wine, coffee or coleslaw. But don’t worry, liquids will soak through. Any remainders can be absorbed with a clean cloth or kitchen towel and marks cleaned with a bit of washing up liquid and warm water. Hardened stains can be carefully scratched off with a plastic spatula or brush.

Weeds: If your artificial grass has been installed correctly, with correct preparation of the ground underneath, you’ll never have to weed your lawn again! Hurray!

Garden furniture/play equipment: You can put furniture on top of your lawn, but you might want to use a castor for anything particularly pointed, such as chair legs and swing sets. In fact, artificial grass is great for play equipment and areas of high footfall because you won’t be left with patches of mud where the grass has worn away. Obviously, you’ll want to take care with things like fire pits and barbecues to reduce the risk of burning your grass, either by protecting the lawn, or putting these items on patios and decked areas instead.

Carpet Surgeon for professional artificial grass installation in Tamworth

Professional installation is key to an artificial lawn that looks great and lasts long and that’s where Carpet Surgeon comes in. We will come out to your home and help with the design of your artificial grass project, as well as showing you samples of all the different styles available.

Our experts will professional fit your artificial lawn to ensure it looks fresh and vibrant for a long time. This involves making sure the ground underneath has been prepared correctly so that it doesn’t ripple or buckle over time.

We will also talk you through the easy process of maintaining your artificial lawn in all areas of Tamworth, Lichfield and surrounding villages.

To take advantage of our Tamworth artificial lawn fitting service and to discuss your garden in detail, contact Carpet Surgeon or call 01827 261782 for a quote.

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