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The hot summer months are supposed to be the best time to be in the garden. The long sunny days should be ideal for spending time outside. However, too much sun can be a bad thing and as the sun continues to shine relentlessly many gardeners have become concerned about the state of their lawns.

The problem is that while a little sun is vital and can be very pleasant, too much will slowly turn that lovely green lawn into a horrible yellow mess. While the heat is one of the major contributors to yellow grass, it is not the only factor. Any of the following can also be contributing to a lawn's unhealthy state.


It has already come up, but it bears mentioning again. If a lawn becomes too dry, then it will go from being soft and green to brittle and yellow.

The speed at which this happens can depend upon the type of grass and it can take as little as two days. It is also possible that it is caused by too-shallow roots or that the grass has been watered too much.


It may come as a surprise, but water can actually damage a lawn if used incorrectly. A lot of people think that yellow grass means that the lawn is dehydrated,

that it needs a lot more water. This is not true.

Too much water causes the soil beneath the lawn to become waterlogged. This causes the grass to develop shallow roots, which means that when the soil next dries out the lawn will not have access to the nutrients it needs. Over watered grass also prevents the roots from getting necessary oxygen, which ends up killing the lawn. Of course, there is always the water bill to be considered for those whose water use is tied to a meter.

Artificial Lawns

So, grass will die if there is not enough water, or there is too much water, or there is not enough fertiliser or too much fertiliser. It turns out that simple grass is really difficult to look after.

The best answer is artificial grass. Artificial lawns look every bit as good but do not require even a fraction of the upkeep. They start looking great and they stay perfect no matter the weather while avoiding all of the other issues.

A regular lawn needs careful maintenance through careful watering and fertiliser. Too much or too little of either can cause problems and it is very easy to accidentally damage a growing lawn. An artificial lawn simply looks great no matter what and it does not require the same levels of maintenance. Once it has been laid, the job is finished and there is no need to worry any further.

Carpet Fitting Surgeon

It is clear that an artificial lawn is going to be the superior choice to the nightmare of trying to maintain living grass. Anyone located in the Tamworth area should consider contacting the carpet fitting surgeon if they are interested in learning more. Artificial grass is usually not the first solution that comes to mind, but it is worth investigating. The best way to find out more is to get in contact with the experts and let them answer any questions.

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